Second passport the hidden super power

Second passport the hidden super power

Second Passport

Obtaining a second passport is for many people a key to
go places without a visa. To open bank accounts and make
investments they where not allowed to do for their mother-nation.
And some people just want a second passport to ensure their
own personal freedom. And to have a backup plan when your
mother-nation enforces negative regulation.
A second passport might also get you faster throw the
security check at various airports.

Living overseas

A majority of countries allow you to keep your passport
get an address in a foreign country and not be entitled to
taxation in the country you are from. Meaning as long
as you get an address in a foreign country and tell
your mother country that you have moved you are no longer
required to report and tax your salary or other capital
in your mother country.

Citizen by investment

Several governments is allowing citizen by investment
programs in order to boost their economy by bringing
in extra capital.
You then invest X amount of capital in a country such as
buying a house and land or starting a business in a country.
The most common way is spending around 300 000 euros on property
and waiting 4-7 years and then you are entitled to a passport.
Panama has a been home to citizen by investment passport for
more then a decade now. But has gotten a bit of a shady and bad
reputation since the panama papers scandal where several
people where killed due to a customer register leak in the
law firm Mossack Fonseca.
The law firm Mossack Fonseca got a very bad reputation
thanks to this and was forced to close down shop. So encrypt your customer registers!
Panama Papers scandal on wikipedia

Citizen by decent

If you got a relative that is born and raced in a foreign
country you are often if the country allows it, entitled to
citizenship in that country.

The Moldovan way in to the EU

A recent popular way to obtain a EU passport is to have
a Moldavian passport and a family member living in Romania. If this is the case you can apply for a Romanian passport.

Some good passports


The European(non-EU) country in the southern part of Europe
next to magnificent Danube river(where the newly created
country of Liberland is located).
A long the river Serbia has several free trade zones such as:

  • Novi sad
  • Pirot
  • Subotica

These zones are all VAT exception zone meaning you do not have
to pay VAT on business conducted in these zones and the flow
of capital is free from taxation therefor the word free zone.
This is mostly used by shipment companies that ship goods on the Danube
river. Dubai also has
several free trade zones which are very popular to conduct business
The free zones are a smart and great move by the Serbian government
to attract new economical growth such as new business and capital
to set foot in Serbia.

They are also other benefits such as:

  • Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
  • Free Trade Agreement with EFTA
  • Free trade agreements with Russian Federation (0% customs rate), Belarus and Kazakhstan
  • Free Trade Agreement with Turkey

To keep in mind:

Serbian was suppose to join the EU in
2005 however this got postponed it to 2025.

The Yugoslavian leader Tito got Serbia in to the
Non Aligned Movement which gives holders of the Serbian passport
visa free access to around 120 countries including
the majority of countries in Africa.

In 2006 Serbia split in to 2 countries.
The most southern part of Serbia became Montenegro or Crna Gora(meaning black mountain) as its called in the local Montenegrin language(crnagorski).
Montenegro is one of the most beautiful places in Europe and has
visa free access to Russia. It is also part of NATO.
It has a beautiful coast along side of the Adriatic sea and is
worth a visit.
We would recommend that you visit skadar lake, ulcinj, Budva, Kotor
and Herceg novi.
Foreigners still struggle a lot to open bank accounts in Montenegro
however if you got the right paper work you can easily open an account
at some of the newer banks. During research our staff was able to open
a bank account simply using a work permit card issued by the government.
The local currency in Montenegro is Euro and not being an EU
country means that you can have an account in euro that is
not under the Common Reporting Standard which is an EU
regulation allowing trade of information between banks within
the EU in order to mitigate money laundering. Which is often
used by government's to get information about your banking
activities and force taxation.

Bad things about Serbian:

Serbian was the center of Yugoslavia which was ruled by the
leader Tito and has not quite recovered from the socialist era.
In Serbia's capital Belgrade still has problems with state corruption,
organized crime(the local mafia kills 1-2 people each month).
And if you party deep in to the sunrise you might run in to
several people that is carrying a lighter weapon such as a stun-gun,
a knife or a pistol for personal protection.
Our team has been to Belgrade several times and we recommend everyone
to go, it is perfectly safe to walk the streets and Belgrade is also
home to some of the worlds best Cevapi and home made raki! yum :)
We recommend that you go in the summer and enjoy some of the
very nice house boats aka splavs that serves as clubs and restaurants
a long the Danube river.

External Serbia resources:

Serbia Free zones
Importance of economical freedom by libertarian group libek
Ministry of Finance and Economy of the Republic of Serbia free zones


Malta is famous for being home to several online gambling
companies due to their preferable taxation schemes.

Maltese Passport Wikipedia If you prove that you have 12000 euro in your bank account you can
apply for a Maltese residence(identity) card.
The card is valid for five years. And is popular for Eu and western countries for people that
moves from there home country and moves to Malta and get the
card in order to prove that they live in Malta.
Once obtain you can take advantage of Malta's territorial
taxation system. So you can simply run a business in a
place without income tax and on paper live in Malta without
paying income tax to Malta.

Malta is also very open to citizenship by investment.

Malta is part of the EU which gives it lower points.


While researching personal freedom you will stumble upon several
nations in the Caribbean belt.
One of these countries that we would like to throw an
extra eye at is Barbados with it's 4% income tax.
And offers visa free access to 123 different countries.
A big problem with doing business as a Caribbean belt
company is that banking is very hard and the banks that
will accept you right away are often bad Caribbean banks
that will charge you 50-80 USD per outgoing transfer.
You can see it as high risk banking.
But with Barbados you can open a transferwise account which
is amazing!
Transferwise is an estonian invention and is a great way of
sending low cost ibann transfers and performing currency

We recommend that you sign up for transferwise :)
You can do so by pressing here

Barbados passport wikipedia
Barbados passport


Singapore the country that was thrown out of Malaysia
and was able to create a politically stable country and
it's economical situation due to low taxation and Privatization
of school and kinder garden has made it to
one of the most success full countries on earth and has had
the best banking system for more the 30 years.

It has visa free access to 147 countries.

Singapore has a good privacy status because of the
stable banking system and not being in the EU.
The where highly influenced by Switzerland's banking privacy laws
which has led them to become the financial center of Asia. Why Singapore Is the World’s Most Successful Society

A good book about Singapore is:
From Third World to First: The Singapore Story
Which describes how a small nation turned in to such a success story

The backside of Singapore:

  • Singapore does not offer dual citizenship
  • Singapore enforces all male citizens under 30 to perform military training

Short list of countries that allow dual citizenship

Citizenship by marriage

Marrying a partner in a various countries is also a
way in to obtain a passport.

EU blacklist

Eu has a list of countries that is blacklisted
due to not wanting to cooperation with Eu's tax
regulations. Saint Lucia is a famous cheaper alternative for getting
a citizen by investment passport. Saint Lucia
has been on the EU blacklist for X amount of years
but was recently taken off the blacklist.

Eu blacklisted countries

Territorial Taxation

The term territorial taxation is often used while describing
foreign earned income regulations. If a country has territorial taxation it means that
the country is not forcing taxation on income made outside
the country. Malta is most famous for being an EU country
and doing this. Several nations in the West indies are also
doing this. They often call it regulation of foreign earned income.
Saint Kitts and Nevis is a good example of this.
They have been a pioneer and safe haven for privacy, integrity
and allowing foreign earned income
a famous Saint kitts and Nevis company is Saint Bits which
is responsible for the website.
However times are changing and 2021 there is a new regulation that
kicks in. Forcing a 33% income tax on all types of income.
So incorporating a company in Saint kitts and Nevis is no
longer to be preferred.
However they still maintain there integrity and private company
register which makes it a great home for keeping software copyrights
and similar things.

Questions to think about:

  • Does your country allow dual citizenship?
  • Does your country force taxation on capital you make overseas(money you make outside the country)
  • What countries do i want to spend time in and which passport allow visa free access to those?

Keep in mind:

Not doing research while getting another passport will hit you in
in the head and can in the worst case make you pay tax in both
countries or give up your current passport for a worst one.
Do your own research and do not trust without verifying
any regulation.
A lot of people make a living selling you the passports
and telling you lies that will make you want it more.
This will bite you in the neck.

External resources:
Wikipedia Multiple Citizenship
Investopedia dual citizenship

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