Nomading for personal growth

Nomading for personal growth

Around two years ago i started to travel
because i was working this 9 to 5 office job
and i was feeling mentally bad.
I took a couple of longer vacations and met so many amazing people.
I decided to move and become a nomad.
I wanted freedom and personal growth.
I felt so happy the first two months
and was overjoyed but emotions.
And the more i traveled the more safe in
myself i felt.
Traveling forces you in to talking with other people
and experiencing new cultures and places is truly amazing.
Thanks to exploring i have gone from an introvert with a
lot of hate to a beautiful self loving extrovert individual.


On one of my trips i met this amazing
girl which i went on vacation with in Portugal
and we feel madly in love with each other.
She came and visited me and i loved her so much.
I then went back to my mother country where she lived
to visit her and after i have spent a couple of weeks
at her place i went to visit my family.
I was afraid to go back to my mother nation
due to fear of getting depressed again.
But i was so happy to be with her.
It didn't work out and we stopped being in a partner
relationship and i was heart broken.
She had introduced me to this guy called Ram dass.
Ram dass talks a lot about being in contact with your emotions
which is something i have had troubles to do.
It is easy to be angry against people or entities
that try to take your freedom away.
During my teens i was in several demonstrations
but that type of street activism is not something
that can change how you feel in the long term.
You can get your aggression's out and be mad in a
organized way.
The same goes for a lot of things.
Ram dass talks a lot of about feeling your feelings.
Examine your feelings and handle them and take over control.
Being high on various things gives you stimulation but
being high on life when you are at peace is the greatest
feeling ever.
The girl reminded me that i should not be afraid
for loving and letting people in.
I shall accept my problems and deal with my emotions.
She showed me what it meant to be loved again and after
listening, meditating and taking in what Ram dass says
i am now walking on the path of loving everyone.
We are all beautiful individuals and interacting and
feeling other peoples energy is truly amazing.
I have now figured out that i want to keep on
exploring myself and planet earth.
The earth is beautiful and nature is truly a miracle.
I walk on the path of freedom and independence.
I love myself and other humans, i love a lot.
I also feel a lot.
I now face a lot more instead of running away from things that
evoke emotion in me.
I know i need to analyze my self and stop and live in the moment.

I recommend that you see the movie and listen to ram dass and
sit down and take in what he says.

You should give yourself personal freedom and do what
your are afraid to do.
Because i have learned that only i can make myself free.
Only i can make myself feel good and allow myself to be
the best of myself. Personal freedom is about mentally allowing your self
to be free.

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I often ask myself the question do i have enough
capital for this week so i can eat and sleep inside?
Can i pay my rent? can i go the the movies this week?
I often get caught up in spending a lot of time trying
to make a lot of money.
This is dangerous, because then you get certain emotions
take over it all.

Do not be afraid and accept

Being afraid of Drugs, people, races or whatever
is very toxic, Accept drugs, try them.
But being hooked with them is never good.
Communicating and exploring things and looking at
things in different perspective and opening up
to life and to yourself will give you so much. Just because someone is threatening you for doing
something like for example taking drugs, keeping
more of your own money.
Breaking the law and fearing other people will hurt you.
This is very destructive.

The never starting phase

I was very afraid in the beginning but after i
started my first company everything got better.
I talked with my employer and told the employer
that i needed to take time off and that i couldn't
continue and that i want to focus on myself.
The employer was very understanding and i have saved around 14K
euro so i could go on for a while and i wanted to
grow as a person and i wanted that my company would succeed.
A lot of people are afraid and never take the step
but everyone who i talked to who has taken the step
towards personal growth and freedom has never looked back.
You can in 90% of the case always go back to your old job
and sleep on your friends/families couch until you get another
I knew that if it all turns to shit i could always go

Just not giving a shit and loving your self gets
you far.

Love yourself not the Tax

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