Perpetual traveler lifestyle in 2020

Perpetual traveler lifestyle in 2020

Sometimes the best way to win a fight is with a flight

During the latest 10-30 years a lot of people have broken
free from the 9-17 slavery and free themself and increase
their freedom and free themself from taxation and other goverment forces.
A perpetual traveler is someone who has left their mother country
and written him/her out and is now a “forever torourist” allways
traveling and legally avoiding taxation and is living a more
local independt life style.

The pilars of the perpetual traveler

Write your self out of the country

A key to legally avoid tax is to ask yourself
what type of tax am i paying now? You are most likely paying income tax to your mother nation where you live. Simply by traveling more and telling
your mothernations state that you have moved to another
country will remove your obligation to pay income tax so
thats gone. In 99% of the case will this not affect your
passport, but it never hurts to get a second passport.


You are intitled of income tax in the country of your reciedency a proof of recience is normally need when opening and
verifiyng bank accounts In some cases does a rental contract for 3 months or more
do the trick or a notary signed document that you live
with your friend in another country


A lot of people overlook certain countries and forget that
if you dont live the country of your company you are not
entiteld to income tax. A lot of goverments are pushing against these nations that
offer lower taxation with more money because it makes the
high tax states loose more because people simply go where
they are treated best and go from a 84% tax rate to a 0% tax
rate which is amazing. A great example of nations that have
been pushed partly for their low taxation and privacy laws are
Saint Kitts and Nevis which are now going from a 0% non shore
income tax to 33% and Saint Lucia who got blacklisted by the EU for not playing EU's game.


Their is a billion ways to make a buck, a friend of us
is living in sweden and is managing a farm in argentina and making money so.
Basic economics if you can find a demand and provide a
supply and you provide good value to the end user:
capital will automatically come. Providing services that automate things is allways
good, there is a billion and more ways you can create value.

Life by dividens:

Some people is okey with paying a little in tax such as barbados 2-4% or doing it the romanian way where
if you make less then a 100 000 euro per year you
pay 5% + another 2% so you end up paying 7% in dividens
tax. So you set up a company and never hire someone or
take out salary and only take out capital gain or dividens
in a lowtax juristrixtions.

But again no country with low income tax be as attractive as a country with zero percent income tax

As a chess player i see the states and nations as chess
pieces you can play them to your advantages

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