Jus soli birth place passport

Jus soli birth place passport


Something that is often forgotten is that a person can obtain a citizenship/passport just by being born in a certain country.
This is where Jus soli kicks in.
Jus soli is written into several country's legal systems, Jus soli is Latin meaning “right of soil” a person born in the country is given citizenship just by being born in the country.
No matter the nationality of the new born's parents.

A way to give your child a second passport before they are able to walk is Jus soli.
By giving birth in a foreign country you can give your child the gift of dual citizenship.

Countries with Jus soil

Jus soil is incorporated in a large chunk of countries such as:


The often forgotten Perl in the middle of Europe is a great place to set up camp.
With its monarchy political system and great banking privacy.

We think Luxemburg is a great option but be aware that one of the parents has to have lived in the country for at least 12 months before the
birth for the child to receive a passport right after birth.

EU countries

EU countries are often a bit trickier and are often requiring that one of the parents is a citizen or has spent X amount of time within the country.
If you are looking for an EU citizenship then Malta with its territorial tax system or Portugal with its favorable cryptocurrency taxation might be something to consider.

Dominican Republic

With its amazing cigars, with brands such as: Arturo Fuente (we recommend that you try the “Eye of The Shark” cigar from them), [La Aurora](https://www.laaurora.com.do/(which is very popular in the western countries), Davidoff, and several other cigar brands which have put the Dominican Republic on the map as one of the world's best producers of fine cigars. It also has a territorial tax system, the visa free access list is not great offering but since they allow dual citizenship it could be a great
second passport.


Visa free access to 123 countries including Russia, Canada(for 6months), Japan, Israel, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Tropical weather and a great coastline.
The government is also very open to new businesses such as the initiative “tu empresa en un dia” meaning
incorporate a company in one day using the website: registrodeempresasysociedades.cl .
And the Start-up Chile acceleration program, giving new companies a chance to come to chile and
get 50 000 USD to work on their start-up company in chile.


Access to 124 countries visa free, If you are not a resident in Barbados and spend less then 182 days within the country you are only taxable for the income you make within Barbados. So if you have residency in another country, Barbados passport, and does operate a business in a third country you can happily ignore being taxed in Barbados for your foreign earned income.


Doing an improper job of legal structuring will lead to your child being taxable for their global income from multiple states. A good thing to check is the military service regulation in the country. Countries such as Singapore are forcing all male citizens under the age of 30
to do military service.

Cost of childbirth

Depending on your budget giving birth in a foreign land might be expensive.
Luckily they are several great and cost-effective global private medical insurance that will cover the majority of the bill.

Jus sanguinis

Jus sanguinis tree image

Jus sanguinis is a similar term meaning that you are entitled to citizenship based on your blood(translated from Latin to right of blood). So if you have a close relative to you sitting on foreign citizenship you are most likely to be entitled to citizenship in that foreign country. In a lot of cases, obtaining citizenship in another country could be obtained by buying real estate and waiting a couple of years or giving the government
a larger paycheck and going throw a citizen by investment program, where you contribute financially to the local economy and in return, you get a passport.
Both Jus soli and Jus sanguinis require less capital and are in a lot of cases a faster process.

To sum it up, if you are willing to go a bit further and get
your pregnant wife on a plane in order to give your child more freedom and opportunity.
We recommend that you do a jus soli and get your child the great gift of dual citizenship.