Homeless Capitalism

Homeless Capitalism in Bucharest Romania

There are several up and coming places in Europe. As westerners
we are most likely familiar with the Greek philsophers such as Plato
and Socrates.
Greek powerful minds, that were'nt afraid of speaking their views
on the political systems. Believing that politics in society is a circle.
We go from Monarchism(which could be interpreted as a form of tyranny).
But the inhabitants wanted more change and freedom! So a revolution is put in place resulting in blood and then later heals up to democracy.
Democracy then becomes more and more poisonous, the parties in the
state starts to turn on the people.
A person comes in, claiming to have a golden ticket, let's try socialism.
One party takes over and we are back at tyranny. However, what I want to pinpoint here is that
this circle can be exploited, it can be used to profit on. Between different phases of tyranny and “working” democracy,
there is an all-time low period. A healing phase. History has shown us that countries that have had tyranny, will in most
cases recover and start to prosper. Hongkong, a small fishing village in communist china, that later took the world by storm and
demanded independence, is a couple of years later, one of the world's financial hubs.
A good investor knows that to get a good return on investment, the purchase of the item will be when it's at its all time low
and has the potential to grow.
Several people were smart enough to see that New York was going to flourish and bought land there. Waited a couple of years
and then were able to yield a good profit.

A lot of speculation is taking place where the next big thing is going to be. What country is going to flourish?
Is it Georgia, that is opening up to trade and foreign capital? Is it Serbia, with its over 10 free trade zones?

We can only speculate.

One place that has recently(1989) had a revolution from the dictator Ceaușescu is the Eastern European country of Romania.
A country with a rich history, beautiful landscape and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Companies such as UIPath, which has one of the same venture-capitalist firm behind it that also invested in the popular
fintech company Transferwise. Cyberghost, one of the biggest VPN companies, the company was recently acquired by and Isreal based firm and a lot more. The country is truly on the uprise from tyranny and may be one of the new financial centers of the
world. If they play their cards right.
The country is doing several good things, such as having cheap, easy to access high-speed internet. Walking through the streets
of Bucharest, you will see fiber cable hanging down, like lines in a jungle.
The free-market is also flirting with this town, it may be hard to open a bank account, but the libertarian scene in Bucharest is
growing. They even got a libertarian part that is not doing so bad. One thing I find very interesting is how the parking system works.

This is a prime example of how the free-market and voluntary agreed-upon transactions without a middleman taking a piece is working!

Bucharest is very heavy on the number of cars that drive around, for a town with 2 million people, it surely keeps the streets busy.
When you want to park your car in the city, you will see a lack of parking meters. The system works a bit differently here.
You park your car on in a parking spot and then you will see a homeless person that guides you into the parking spot.
You pay the person a small fee in cash and this person will watch over your car like a personal guard to make
sure no one scratches it or steals it.

A great voluntary agreed-upon trade is taking place. Providing value to both the homeless person and the car owner. A great sign
from the free market.

So is Bucharest, Romania the place to invest 50-80K Euro into a flat and wait a couple of years to harvest a nice profit from?