Gold and bitcoin an agorist dream

Gold and bitcoin an agorist dream
Bitcoin and Gold 

An agorist dream

What is a company?

In the modern society, if you live in one country and you obey under a government's rule
they will try to force to take a commission of everything your business's makes in order to make money. If you want to do business's or live where there is a government violent monopoly then they will try to make you pay income tax and force other fees upon you.
In order for states to regulate business they enforce the use of companies.
Which in reality is a number in a government database and a way to keep track of its citizens capital.
Looking at the Wikipedia page for “company” its pretty small “A company, abbreviated as co., is a legal entity made up of an association of people, be they natural, legal, or a mixture of both, for carrying on a commercial or industrial enterprise. Company members share a common purpose, and unite to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals.”

To sum it down to something easier is that in order to provide a service for a currency(currency used in a value of trade)
their is groups in society that will force the individual's to pay them fee.
Much like how the mafia is pushing restaurants to pay a commission for “protecting” their business. “Play under our rules and enforce our rules and we shall protect you”

A company is a service a state provides in order to make money and enforce control.

If you take 500 dinars which is the Serbian state currency that works as a value of exchange within a certain geographical area.
And if you go a couple of miles down the block you will find a new country, the country of Montenegro where your 500 dinars can not be used
as a value of exchange because they have euro as a national currency. But if you where to trade in your 500 dinars for gold or silver you would now not have the same problem. Because gold is accepted everywhere. It's because gold is what is called “sound money”. And sound money is the true medium of exchange.

Sound money is a term for a currency that is very hard to manipulate. Government issued currencies are easily manipulated and just printed out of thin air. And printing to much of the currency will put to much currency in circulation
and will result in the value of the currency going down and in many cases result in unnecessary poverty.
A neat trick to these currencies is that they have a limited supply so manipulation is not

There is a nice theory about currency called the “suit case theory”. Someone comes to a small village with a large sum of money in a suitcase and starts to spend
it at a fast rate and leaves good tips. The local vendors sees that there is more currency in circulation and
highers the prices for everything(more amount of the currency is put in to circulation and manipulation of the currency supply has started) this results in a huge manipulation of the value of the medium
of exchange which is the currency of village. And will end up that the prices goes up but the salaries stays the same for the people.
This results in that the are not being able to buy the same things and become more poor.


If you are doing business in the European union there is a regulation that in order for one entity to exchange services with another entity a
Value Added Taxes fee needs to be appended to the invoice/final value of exchange currency price.
Countries within the EU have different VAT rate which creates competition between the countries.


The underlying problems is that:
The groups in society with the most violent force wins and in order to fund these they want to control trade within its borders. So they will issue that only these currencies are allowed here and must be accountable for.
If you do not follow these rules you are not allowed to trade and we will act on force in order make you
pay us. This logic only works when you have a society driven by fear and other states that work together to steal other
peoples money. A simple look at a government issued currency we can simply see that its a piece of paper or metal that is not backed by
any real value and the value of it, is based upon reputation for the state. Their has been countless government backed currencies without any
real value behind it. And they have all failed.
What has not failed as a currency is non-governmental value backed currencies.
What is great about these currencies in a value of trade is that anyone can use them freely and the value of storage will not be lost
like with government backed currencies.

A bank is a business, it makes money by lending out your money to others.
It lends out your government printed money and takes a commission. There is tons of great articles out why you should
not put your capital in to banks. This is not acting in freedom.
Freedom is owning your own capital and you should do so.

This is where agorism comes in.

The term “agorism” comes from the author and thinker Samuel Edward Konkin III and is described as the following in his book an agorist primer: An agorist is one who acts consistently for freedom and in freedom.

In order to achieve freedom of trade we need to have free currencies that can not be regulated by violent groups.

All countries know that one day their currency is not going to be accept

How can we exchange goods and services without companies and third parties being able to take a fee of what we earn? How can we verify that the banks that hold our state printed currency actually has it ?

The answer to that is that we need free currencies. We need gold and similar fixed money supply currencies that we mutually agree to have as a medium of exchange.

A look at Bitcoin: Bitcoin and other crypto currencies like it gives the user freedom to exchange it without regulation.
The Bitcoin transaction network is running on (mostly)voluntary based network hardware and the programming code
is open for everybody to contribute and audit on. Which makes it not controlled by any centralized party. The problem with bitcoin is its age and it has been around for around 10 years where Gold has been used as a medium of exchange
for over 5000 years.
The great advantage of bitcoin is that operating a store with bitcoin is very easy.
Anyone can get an bitcoin address in seconds and since its online you do not need to store it somewhere like gold. Also being an online merchant accepting gold is a pain in the ass. If you where to start selling a service and taking payment in gold or bitcoin no Bank account is required. You do not need a company you can do it on your own terms in your own way.
And that is beautiful thing.

What can you do to support global free trade?

  • Ask to not get a Receipt
  • Start adopting and using gold and/or Bitcoin
  • Start to sell a service/items using Bitcoin or Gold
  • Do not sit around and wait, just act

Several people are in the business of selling companies titled as “offshore companies” and they market them very well. No government on earth can provide a better deal and better freedom with regulation and taking a fee of what you earn.
Low taxes can never be better then no taxes.
The purpose of a currency is to allow the medium of exchange easily.

Using bitcoin

There is tons of bitcoin wallets we recommend that you check out the “Lightning network”
which makes it easy and fast to spend your bitcoins.

Using Gold

A simple Weighing scale will help you measure it and that's all u need. The simplest way to buy gold is to buy gold coins.

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