Gibraltar the future of cannabis

Gibraltar the future of cannabis

The smaller tax-friendly nation of Gibraltar issued a press release in
October 2019, Announcing that medicinal cannabis is now legal.

Following Spain down to one of it's most southern spots, you
will find the small nation of Gibraltar.
Home to roughly 33 500 Gibraltarians, 4500 pets and the Barbary macaques Monkies.
In 1967 the country enabled special taxation treatment for
international companies which has lead to a massive growth
in private banking, insurance and later gambling.
A thing to note is that Gibraltar is the only European country with
zero VAT, capital gains, dividends, investment income, property, wealth and sales tax.

This small European nation might be the next Cannabis king, with its warm
suiting growing climate, openness to foreign business and low tax jurisdiction.
Gibraltar's next big income stream might most likely be the cannabis industry.

Is a bubble in the Gibraltar stock market going to happen?

A boost for the local economy does not often come without some risks.
We have seen several bubbles in the cannabis stock market before such as:

Canadian Cannabis stocks peeking

In 2018 Canada legalized recreational use of cannabis resulting in
a large peak in the stock market for cannabis companies such as Canopy Growth Corp, Aurora Cannabis Inc and Vivo Cannabis Inc.

Vivo cannabis stock bubble

All of the above-mentioned stock's crashed shortly after peaking in 2018.
Resulting in a huge gained for the people that we're able to sell the stocks at the right time
before they went crashing down.

When a country is opening up its doors to the legalization of cannabis, a higher demand is created, resulting in the price
going up.

Saint Bernard's Hospital, The biggest hospital in Gibraltar, is the first state-approved issuer of cannabis products.
Gibraltar is not the first European country to legalize Cannabis.
Several other European countries have also started to open up to the use of cannabis.

North Macedonia

What many people do not know is that Serbia's non-EU neighbor North Macedonia
is one of Europe's biggest cannabis producers.
Supplying a large consumer base of both CBD and THC based products.
Macedonia was quick on the ball and started to legalize cannabis in early 2016.
The country is continuously handing out Cannabis business licenses as new entrepreneurs get into the countries cannabis business.

As a European, it is amazing to see that the wind of legalization and freedom for us cannabis smokers is blowing.
Several countries in Europe are opening the doors to personal usage such as Czech Republic allowing up to 15gram per person, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands home to the amazing “Strain Hunters” and many different coffee shops, Portugal which was the first country to decriminalize the majority of drugs and finally the spotlight of the article Gibraltar.

With its zero percent VAT, warm climate and strategic south European location enabling easy export by either boat, plane or car. Gibraltar is most likely going to attract several big sharks within the cannabis industry.
Enabling the local community with more jobs and helping the cannabis culture move forward.

Cannabis is most likely Gibraltar's new best natural resource.

The big question remains, Will Gibraltar become the next safe haven for Cannabis?
A place people can visit and enjoy the beauty of southern Europe and the luxury of locally produced Gibraltarian cannabis?
We will soon find out.

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