Escapism and vehicle privacy

Escapism and vehicle privacy

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This article is about two things Escapism and privacy.
We have grown up with a superhero ideology with secret agents
being one of the coolest things on mainstream tv.
A lot of people sell you the idea of escapism in other forms.
“If you move to country X then you can escape your problems back home”

There is a lot of different shapes of escapism and James Luna and Michael Bazzell displays it in one form.

Lets theorize over how someone could use escapism for something good.

How would someone protect their vehicle by going somewhere else?

In the technological Area we are living in now,
there is facial recognition in the traffic cameras in almost
all of the mayor countries.

You can protect your vehicle's ownership which would stop/slowdown someone
from inputting the vehicle's license plate in an app to find out
that you own the car.

James Luna and Michael Bazzell

James Luna is a legend in the privacy field and wrote a best seller
called “How to be Invisible”(which we recommend that you read!).

The James Luna approach

Having a llc company on the shelf is a really good thing to have.
An llc in a privacy aware jurisdiction will cost you anywhere from 800 to 4000 usd
and around 100-1500usd per year to maintain, normally you have to pay for someone
to fill in some documents and pay for your “office”/address in the country.
James talks a lot in the book about when you buy a car, a vehicle, a house or
pretty much everything, it's a great practice to have the asset or item being owned
by an llc located in a country that does not have a public company register and is
privacy aware of its citizen ships.
Several more advanced burglar's look up who is living in house and who owns the car
outside. This is of course both possible if you have the house and the car in your name.
But if the car was held by a semi-anonymous LLC which is very hard to lookup then
things would be a much harder.
And the cost of breaking in to your house would increase a lot.
So not having your LLC on linkedin might be terrible for marketing but not all companies are
used for currency value creation and provide other value.
A nice thing that he points out is that ownership of the vehicle could be passed on
without filling anything special.
Just change the ownership of the llc to someone else and its done.
On paper nothing has changed the company is still having ownership of the car.
This is all very related to flag theory where someone distributes it's asset in different countries
resulting in more personal economical freedom.

Some Countries with private(/harder to lookup) company registers:

  • Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Seychelles
  • Sint Maarten(its semi-private, a bit hard to look up)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Antigua and Barbuda

Postbox services are awesome!

I'm going to squeeze in postboxes here which i think is a great tool
for protecting physical addresses. It also saves you money because
importing products in to one country where the taxes/import fees are lower
which results in saving money.
We use it for ordering everything from books to other consumer items.
There is several great postbox services, We at DoNoTTax.Me
like to use Privacy Postbox
but keeping multiple postbox accounts at different providers is always
a good thing to have.
A postbox is great to have when you sign up for services.
Like inputting a postbox address when signing up for a member ship to a service is
always a safety.
Most postboxes will forward the post to you but the one we recommended will scan and
email the post to you which is amazing for privacy.
Switching postboxes are also awesome for privacy.

An interesting case study

Using this in practice and buying an RV or a bigger camper van
and registering it to a LLC and at the same time writing your self
out of the country and giving your mother-nation notice that you live
on a postbox address in another country will remove the need for you to
pay income tax in your mother-country.
So lets say that you wanted to live in a larger camper van you could live a pretty
anonymous life.
Have the camper van in an semi-anonymous LLC you basically live pretty anonymously.
You are always on the road and if someone looks you up that is looking to hurt you
you will be in a camper van owned by a private company that is hard to look up in a completely
different country then what your residence papers say.
This is a high level of security and is a great way to achieve some extra freedom if
you feel like living in a camper van is something for you.
You will need proof that you own or are legally entitled to drive the car
when crossing borders. So a signed legal document by the owner company
can be handy.


The rules differ in different nations.
During our research we noticed that several Nordic countries allow a foreign company to own a car
withing a certain time frame so not forever. The laws are always different depending on where you go.
So always do good research and contact the right people and explore.

Kevin mitnick Escapism

Kevin is known for being a punished by the US government for one of the first
mainstream computer hacking case.
Because this was such a new area for the US government they wanted to make
an example of Kevin Mitnick so they throw him in to jail.
Kevin mitnick spoke about paladin press and that he used the knowledge he learned
from reading paladin press in order to hide from the police.
He talks about this in a 2600 radio interview that is available in the 2600
off the wall archive.

Both Loompanics and Paladin is provide the same type of niche: logo Buy a Car under a buisness name
Michael Bazzell
Wikipedia list of company registers