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DoNotTax.Me is an indepent information source, be critical towards all information
and think for your self.

  • Brave or stupid
    This is a personal favorite about two indiviuals that never sailed before, getting a sailboat and sails
    around the globe, The story is packed a lot of fun and adventure. A recommended read!

  • Market for liberty
    A very practical and objective book on how a freedom minded society would work
    it's a recommended read and a great objective book.

  • Machinery of freedom
    This is a guide for how a privatized society would work and displays several good
    examples on how everything could be done by private companies.

  • Sailboat Diaries
    A great freedom minded book, A man heads out with a sailboat in order to create
    a new country on the uninhabited island of Little Inagua.
    Michael takes us on an adventure with sailing, philosophy, freedom and much more.

  • Bastiat a man alone
    Is a great book about Fredric Bastiat who is a french pro freemarket economist.

  • Defending the Undefendable
    Professor Walter Block, a modern day libertarian author and economics professor
    gives a libertarian point of view. A great read to open up your mind about things.

  • The law
    Frederic bastiat the french economist goes in to the subject of law.
    Can you have law that is meant to protect liberty by enforcing rules that remove liberty?
    A great shorter liberty minded book published in 1850.

  • Investment biker Legandary Investor Jim rogers takes the trip of his life on a motercycle around the globe.
    A very fascinated read about traveling and globalization in the eyes of a former investment banker.

  • Adventure capitalist
    Jim rogers does it again but this time with a car and his wife Paige

  • Be here now Being free is a lot about the mental state.
    Ram dass who is a former Harvard professor goes deeper in spirituality.

  • The Denationalization of Money