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  • Brave or stupid
    This is a personal favorite about two indiviuals who gets a sailing boat and sails
    around the globe, its funny and amazing. A recommended read!

  • Market for liberty
    Its a very practical and object book on how basicly an anarchocapitalist society would work
    its a recommended read and a great objective book.

  • Machinery of freedom
    This is a guide for how a privatized society would work and displays several good
    examples on how everything could be done by private companies.

  • Sailboat Diaries
    A great book thats is like 40% adventure and 60% about philosophy and freedom.

  • Bastiat a man alone
    Is a great book about Fredric Bastiat who is a french pro freemarket economist.

  • Defending the Undefendable
    Walter block's number one book! A great read to open up your mind about things.