Be here now going beyond to moksha

Be here now going beyond to moksha

Reflections on the book Be here now

Be here now is a book by Doctor Richard Alpert which was a Harvard
professor that was conducting experiment's on/with LSD and started to explore more and more
and got more red pilled and red pilled and became “Ram dass”.
A follower of Hinduism with a wide view on life.
Be here now is Richard's reflections on purpose in life and spirituality.
The book is talking a lot about releasing your self from your ego and emotions.
It's an amazing book and it's available to download as PDF down bellow if you
have not read it.

The book is written on a happy perspective on drugs which not everyone has because of not knowing
and fear.
In the GIF down bellow there is a slide that says that you shall not use drugs to receive temporary
happiness but to use them as a way of going beyond and asking yourself what is wrong and how can
i be better.
Richard is someone that has had a great approach to LSD and other drugs and used them to see beyond.
This is of course nothing you need to take drugs for and you can achieve self liberation
by growing yourself.

Path to happiness

“The goal of human life should be to acquire their pure Soul (shuddha Atma) thereby achieving liberation (moksha). Moksha is to experience freedom from all mental, physical and external problems by remaining in your real form of the Soul (Atma) experiencing internal bliss amidst all the suffering of the world.”

Let go

let go let go

Letting go of mental bumps in the road, letting go of people that are negative on you.
Leaving the regular human TV channel and stepping above it all is reaching your soul.
This is also going beyond the normal human mind.


Moksha is the ultimate liberation from life and death.
When you are truly free in your mind.

Moksha is the ultimate goal of life in Hinduism.

Think of moksha like an ever lasting high trip, your free from all kinds of sufferings.

Dharma Artha Kama

Together with moksha, these make the four Objectives of Human Life
according to hinduism.
Dharma Artha Kama


Duties, Moral conduct


an individual's duty fulfilled by observance of custom or law


Materialism, Income Security

Four stages of life

In Hinduism the four stages of life is:

  • Brahmacarya
    Where the purpose is to learn as much as possible.
    Your a student your life is about learning, learning, learning.

  • Grihastha
    Settle down and have kids, married with kids life.

  • Vanaprastha
    Retiring and handing over your material belongings to our younger loved once.

  • Sannyasa
    Renouncing all material life and remaining in spirituality.

What is interesting in that some people believe in jumping from Brahmacarya directly to
Sannyasa and therefor moving quicker in to Moksha.

“The goal of the Hindu Sannyasin is moksha (liberation)" -

Vacation mode

Something noticeable is that some people is truly letting go of worries and
responsibilities and being in the moment when they are going in to vacation mode.
No stress, No demanding “You must do this” only pure freedom to do what ever they feel.
Some people have very hard to let go of work on after hours which causes stress, pain
and suffering which is not good.
When being try in the moment is about not worrying about what will happen later.
Love, feel be here now.

The Matrix

The matrix is the imaginary reality that we are all living in.
Much like in the movie matrix, you can step out of it and go beyond.

Richard talks about different levels of consciousness
or TV channels in your head.
You have the regular channel where the majority of humans never leave.
Where there is problem, emotion and regular life.
Then you go to the channel above and you are one with the universe.
You are beyond the observance in an ecstasy trip.
You are one with the universe. You see beyond regular emotions and beyond pain.

Work on your self

The book talks a lot about working on your self in order to
well basically achieve moksha.
You will feel better, be better, self improve and go to level 99 and beyond.


“The caterpillar can not become a butterfly until its done being a Caterpillar”. The book talks a lot about that you have to move on in your mind. You have do to die
in your mind to be reborn in your mind. It's metamorphosis(when an animal physically changes form).
It will just happen Smile at the butterfly.

You are a Guru, you are a God

I am god i am without(AN) rulers(rcho) tell that to your self.
Richard's brother is in a mental hospital and a funny thing is that
his brother asks him why i am here in the mental hospital and you are not.
He then replies:
“Because i also believe that i am god but you don't see other people as gods as well”
reflecting on this, we are all souls, more then looks and material bullshit.
Seeing souls when walking down the street is very different.
Seeing beyond regular human consciousness is amazing.
It's the true red pill.


Now is the center of the universe.
Now is where everything happens, now is the most important moment, now is the most happiest
Later is laters problem, not now.
Later is not created yet. logo

Since Ram Dass passed away we have decided to share the book, cash does not help a dead man.
Here is the book in pdf